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Four materials production capacity in the second half of the lithium battery prices will fall
Autor:yugoo Date:2016/8/5 Hits:4726
Insiders said that the second half of lithium ion battery prices will decline, separator, electrolyte and so on four key materials capacity have excess, and the new project is still in, lithium battery materials price war continued, the development of high-end products is for future business prospects.
In the second half of this year is expected to decline in the price of lithium batteries, as the whole industry chain of lithium battery prices are down." China's chairman of the board, said the battery network.
Overcapacity has become a fact, the new production capacity is still in
"Lithium battery material manufacturers on the one hand from the international materials manufacturers of extrusion, on the other hand also faces overcapacity prices triggered a disorderly competition, the material of lithium iron phosphate is particularly serious, capacity utilization in only 10% the following." Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said lithium engineering.
Diaphragm of 2012 China lithium ion battery electrolyte yields about 2.4 million tons, consumption of six fluorine lithium phosphate 3000 tons, and the six fluorine lithium phosphate capacity utilization rate of less than 10%; 2012 domestic enterprises lithium battery cathode material total output of 4.3 million tons, the current number of enterprises up to 195, of which nearly more than 30 iron phosphate lithium material enterprises in the cut-off state; 2012 anode materials for shipments of about 2.8 tons, and 2012 statistics, artificial graphite, natural graphite, mesophase carbon microbeads as anode materials production capacity of at least 4.5 million tons; in 2012 the domestic lithium battery enterprise total output of 1.8 million square meters, and of the existing production capacity of at least 200 million square meters.
Southeast of 60 million square meters of lithium battery isolation membrane project is expected to put into operation by the end of 2013, Xingyuan materials, grain and also have their own new capacity planning; fluoride in the second half of 2013 there will be 1000 tons of six fluorine lithium phosphate and the release of new capacity; Sichuan Airlines Group to Sichuan Keneng Electric Co., Ltd. capital 35 million yuan, the investment to build an annual output of 6000 tons of phosphate iron lithium cathode material project, the project will be completed and put into production in 2014; Chengdu Hing to anode material for 3000 tons, 2000 tons of cathode material production line project of new material Co., Ltd. to invest in the construction of the first phase of the project will be officially put into operation by the end of September.
This capacity surplus, resulting in battery materials price competition, which led directly to the material business gross margin decline, profitability weakened, so large manufacturers in order to reduce the production cost, the continued expansion of production capacity, intensified competition in the industry, thus forming a industry a vicious circle.
Avoid duplication of construction, take the road of high-end products
Li Yunfeng, deputy general manager of the fluoride has said that in electrolyte of domestic enterprises have in new capacity situation, in particular, to avoid low-level redundant construction, resulting in overcapacity risks.
China battery network chairman of the board of directors said that the current domestic lithium battery materials have been on the project, but the final way out still need to go to the high-end products.
Lithium battery prices fell by 56% in the first half, driven by lower prices of raw materials
"From lithium to lithium battery four key raw material, and then to the core enterprise, the price of the whole industry chain are in decline, electric core price decline is mainly due to the upstream raw material prices pull." China's chairman of the board, said the battery network.
In the first half of this year, although the 3C products, electric bicycles, electric outlet toys demand for lithium batteries are in steady growth, high lithium, according to statistics, in 2013 half Chinese lithium battery core enterprise total sales revenue for 152 billion yuan, an increase of 21%, is expected to 2013 annual output value of China's lithium battery for 328 billion yuan;
In the momentum of rapid growth in demand, in contrast, the price of lithium battery, in the Puritan has said that "this year first half of lithium battery electric core fold decreased obviously, especially the electrical core of the high and low end market fell more sharply".
Really study lithium chief analyst Ke ink basically agree with the above point of view, it said, 2011 lithium battery price is about $800 / kWh, by the end of 2012 dropped to $400 / kWh, this year first half of the year is expected to price between $350-400 / kWh, compared with 2011 fell nearly 56%.
First half of the lithium battery has not been able to achieve volume and price soar, the price of the key material of electrolyte, cathode material, anode and diaphragm material there are varying degrees of decline, in the Puritan said, "this year half compared with last year, diaphragm materials prices decreased by about 10% - 15%, cathode material price will be about 20%, anode materials decreased by about 10%, prices of electrolyte also in decline, the price of the key materials for electrolyte decreased about 10% - 20%.
In recent years, the lithium battery industry has been good, domestic enterprises in the new lithium battery business, resulting in excess capacity. The second half of this year prices fell across the lithium lithium battery, return to a normal price, may promote the sales of lithium battery.