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Electric car power supply model is behind the interests of the group dispute
Autor:yugoo Date:2016/8/5 Hits:4418
Although the electric car commercial popularity is still elusive, but the desire to meddle in the electric vehicle power supply industry already ignited smoke. In the traditional fuel vehicles we already know the car enterprises in the energy supply to about the ecology of the auto industry and market trends and service industry in a large extent, such as, "two barrels of oil" is not a good make the balance of gasoline and diesel production, man-made shortage of diesel supply, often make commercial vehicle users refueling difficult; also kidnapped the government do not make good quality diesel with low sulfur and high grade, living to the environmental protection department apparent collapse of the implementation of policy measures of diesel engine emission standards. Let more energy-saving emission reduction of clean diesel car engine with Westside in maple and stress. Whether the car is oil, gas, electricity, small life is also held in the palm of the supply of energy in the palm of the hand. Therefore, in view of the possible future of traditional fuel automobile regime change of the electric vehicle, energy supply companies rainy day to seize the commanding heights of industry is very necessary. However, the power supply mode of the war than the fuel service model is more complex.
Power grid giants and the oil giants of the contest
Once electric vehicle technology bottleneck breakthrough, cost is decreased greatly, electric cars gradually replace the traditional fuel vehicles, the trend can not be stopped, the oil industry in car oil market gradually shrinking inevitably huitianfali. The problem is not oil and electricity to two kinds of energy in automotive applications gradually replaced and switching, but fighting in the energy supply of the service network, the oil giant's traditional market advantage is decades of accumulated large comprehensive service network, when the future electric universal potential head can not stop, oil giants at the end of the market line is by virtue of its strong network of services to maintain for electric vehicles for service market. Logically, the oil giant's gas stations across the country can be gradually converted into a car with power stations, such as other industrial enterprises and commercial enterprises as the normal downstream customers. Problem is, power grid enterprises is in the electric vehicle power supply market service chain willing to become common, the wholesale nature of the power supply enterprise? Submissively to let oil giant control vehicle use power supply of great service terminal retail market? If you want to grid giant flight regime change put the oil giants play electric power retail market, then grid giant have much ability to disk under the original oil giant gas station system? Or rebuild a set than gas station network more complex centralized power supply station and dispersion type charging pile future the two giant head of desperate battle is inevitable. It is impossible to deduce who wins or who is the last to make a business compromise.
Battery giant and the car giant contest
When the car type into the electric vehicle phase, the status of the battery supplier has been an unprecedented upgrade. In the era of the traditional fuel vehicles, almost all the automakers are firmly in control of the engine and gearbox technology and production, and to the electric automobile era, auto enterprises will inevitably powerless to control battery technology R & D and production (BYD is a special case of the industry) and instead formed with battery giant Alliance cooperation mode. With the improvement in the status of battery giant, its industry ambitions also unavoidably expansion, will not meet played like a traditional battery supplier to the ordinary suppliers, some battery giant will attempt to host, "masters" enable auto companies into submission, at least equal shares and car prices, further it can override on car prices, let the car became only the specific technical standards of the battery to drive the tool. To achieve that ambition, battery giant must use for power mode to forcing enterprises to submit, by battery giant to car prices battery performance standards and the formulation of standards arranged in the car and daily for electricity service standards. As a result, the car battery car turned into a "a dead-alive person". Due to the particularity of commercial vehicle size and space, can let the battery giant conspiracy succeed; while traveling by car enterprises will try to block the idea of battery giant become masters, to make electric cars generally use charging mode, by car prices on battery giant proposed standard supply, weaken battery giant for car companies to control. The future of this field around the battery status will fight against each other to a mutual round winner. If the car prices and grid giant alliance with battery giant battling stability prevail in battery giant, grid giant and car prices "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" game.
Battery giant and power grid giants contest
Battery giant ambitions if it continues to expand, will consider to participate to the power supply terminal services network, with its own battery products, technical standards, plus for electricity mode and financing ability, lengthen the battery industry chain, from battery production, power station operation and for the electric vehicle (EV) for power supply service, can play to form a complete value chain of wishful thinking. Disorder is whether let grid giant is willing to do the green leaves, only act as ordinary nature of the power supply, allowing the battery giant self built terminal service network, and even meat soup are finished. Step back, battery giant if an alliance with grid giant, to change the electric mode were stained electric vehicle terminal service profit, forcing car prices in the electric vehicle industry chain at a disadvantage.
In the battle for the future of electric vehicle industry chain and market service commanding strategic, Shikoku trilateral game relationship will intensified, straight to decide the outcome of the "zero sum game" or compromise to carve up the market. War on gezonglianheng will be brilliant. Anyway, it's a melee.