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Graphene battery industry before the king wide
Autor:yugoo Date:2016/8/5 Hits:4272
Graphene in the battery field applications are more diversified, there are three main industrial direction: 1) positive and negative electrode conductive additives, can increase the speed of charging. 2) graphene composite electrode materials, such as silicon carbon composite anode material, to enhance the capacity of the battery. 3) graphene coating function, reduce the internal resistance of battery, improve battery life. The watch current consumer electronics and new energy automotive battery two major pain points, if we can effectively improve the power battery capacity and achieve fast charging. From this perspective, we believe that the battery may be really explosive graphene application opportunity. Graphene in the battery market space, not only in the large-scale promotion of lithium battery in the field of watch battery pain points, on the field of the lead-acid battery industry upgrade significance is extraordinary. The graphene conductive agent market thriving of urbanization, we are very optimistic about the other direction, the more flowers, we believe that graphene battery market prelude has been sounded, is about to enter the outbreak period