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Customer service warranty: warranty (WARRANTY COVERAGE AND EXCLUSIONS)
1.1 free maintenance range - the following does not belong to the scope of warranty (WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS):
☆ Baohuan warranty is limited to the provision of the host and the wire packing. Packaging and software products, technical information and other accessories not Baohuan warranty.
☆ Product failure or damage or not according to the instructions. The installation, use, maintenance, custody and lead;
☆ alter, tearing up the product bar code;
☆ has beyond the warranty period, replacement;
☆ without Juzhao permission, unauthorized changes inherent in the settings file or arbitrarily disassemble repair;
☆ accidental damage factors or human behavior lead to products, such as inappropriate input voltage, high temperature, water, mechanical damage, break, serious or rust and oxidation products;
☆ customer sent back to repair the damages caused by transportation, loading and unloading caused;
☆ because of irresistible force such as product failure or damage of earthquake, fire, flood, lightning caused the;
☆ Failure or damage caused or non other product design, technology, manufacturing, itself quality problems;
☆ dealer to make you not Juzhao that other commitments, Juzhao does not assume any responsibility;
1.2 warranty (WARRANTY COVERAGE):
☆ Juzhao products meet the national three packets of regulations, rules are as follows:
   1) within 7 days since the products sold on the quality of products, hardware, if no damage, consumers can choose to return, or replacement;
   2) products sold since the date of 7 days, 15 days, quality of products and hardware, if no damage, consumers can choose a replacement;
   3) products sold since the date of 15 days of above, within a year, quality of products and hardware, if no damage, Juzhao will replace the same model with the properties of the product rework goods;
   4) the replacement of defective parts in Juzhao company all products; no fault, will it return.
☆ stage Juzhao repair by mail form of replacement, replacement properties comparable to repair good product for the customer, please ensure the integrity of the original package of product retained after the purchase of products, for the replacement of mail.
☆ We are going to date of invoice date for warranty products sold as, if you can't produce the above proof, the starting date of the product free warranty period will start from the production date ninetieth days from the date of calculation.
☆ by Juzhao replacement product warranty for the product warranty repair before the remaining days, if the remaining warranty days less than 90 days, 90 days to prevail. If the product is pay repair, the same performance problems will enjoy free warranty period of 90 days from the date of repair, please obtain and retain your proof of good repair.
Before you repair products, please contact Juzhao customer service hotline,
to confirm the product failure.